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Welcome to the University of California Merced Physics and Chemistry Graduate Group

We are a diverse group of faculty, students, and postdocs with research interests spanning major traditional disciplines in physics and chemistry as well as interdisciplinary areas such as materials, nanoscale science and biological physics. The expertise and perspectives required to address many important scientific and technological challenges, from renewable energy to advanced computation to human health, are not confined to single disciplines. To address these challenges, research in the School of Natural Sciences is fostered by UC Merced's unique academic structure, which favors an interdisciplinary approach over more traditional departments.

We have built large groups working in emerging research areas such as solar energy, soft matter and biological physics, in addition to more traditional areas. Details can be found at:

Physics Graduate Research

Chemistry Graduate Research



Recent News


Merced Sun-Star: Column: UC Merced Connect: Physicist finds answers in small places *Also appeared in the Sacramento Bee

New paper by Marina Stavytska-Barba et al (A. M. Kelley lab) in the Journal of Physical Chemistry C: Plasmonic Enhancement of Raman Scattering from the Organic Solar Cell Material P3HT/PCBM by Triangular Silver Nanoprisms

New paper by Justin Hujdic et al (Menke lab) in The journal of Physical Chemistry Letters: Lead Selenide Nanowires Prepared by Lithographically Patterned Nanowire Electrodeposition (subscription required for link)

New paper by Justin Hujdic et al (Menke lab) in the journal Nanoscale: High-density gold nanowire arrays by lithographically patterned nanowire electrodeposition

Prof. Sayantani Ghosh win NSF CAREER grant for the Investigation of Spatial and Temporal Scales of Cooperative Spin Clusters in Doped and Undoped Geometrically Frustrated Magnets, 6 January 2011 (Prof. Sayantani Ghosh)

Physicist Wins Prestigious National Science Foundation Award, UC Merced News Articles, 4 February 2011 (Prof. Sayantani Ghosh)

UC Merced publication highlights home-grown technology, Merced Sun-Star (Prof. Jinah Choi, Prof. Matthew Meyer, Prof. Patti LiWang, Prof. Wei-Chun Chin, and grad students Scott Seronello, Hui Zhu, and Eric Yi-Tong Chen) 14 Dec 2010

Prof. Anne Kelley, Prof. Erik Menke and Prof. Tao Ye win NSF grant to study Acquisition of a high performance ambient atomic force microscope, 3 Dec 2010

Campus to Study Faculty Recruitment Techniques for Diversity, UC Merced Feature, 3 Dec, 2010 (Dean Maria Pallavicini)

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