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Research Lends Insight into Controlling Cells, Addresing Diseases, UC Merced News, 29 May 2012 (Prof. Jing Xu)

Physics Graduate Student Explores Nanoworld, UC Merced News, 6 April 2012 (Doctoral Candidate Andrea Rodarte)

Researchers' Refinement Increases Solar Concentrator Efficiency, UC Merced News, 19 January 2012 (Prof. Sayantani Ghosh)

Laser Research Offers Student More Learning Opportunities, UC Merced News, 21 November 2012 (Prof. Jay Sharping)

Professor Seeks to Understand Chemical Reactions [of RNA precursors], UC Merced News, 16 September 2011 (Prof. Jason Hein)

Diverse Physics Faculty Above National Average, Earn Prestigious Awards, UC Merced News Articles, 25 March 2011 (Kevin Mitchell, Linda Hirst, Lin Tian and Sayantani Ghosh

Prof. Sayantani Ghosh win NSF CAREER grant for the Investigation of Spatial and Temporal Scales of Cooperative Spin Clusters in Doped and Undoped Geometrically Frustrated Magnets, 6 January 2011 (Prof. Sayantani Ghosh)

Physicist Wins Prestigious National Science Foundation Award, UC Merced News Articles, 4 February 2011 (Prof. Sayantani Ghosh)

UC Merced publication highlights home-grown technology, Merced Sun-Star (Prof. Jinah Choi, Prof. Matthew Meyer, Prof. Patti LiWang, Prof. Wei-Chun Chin, and grad students Scott Seronello, Hui Zhu, and Eric Yi-Tong Chen) 14 Dec 2010

Prof. Anne Kelley, Prof. Erik Menke and Prof. Tao Ye win NSF grant to study Acquisition of a high performance ambient atomic force microscope, 3 Dec 2010

Campus to Study Faculty Recruitment Techniques for Diversity, UC Merced Feature, 3 Dec, 2010 (Dean Maria Pallavicini)

How Animals Avoid Each Other, (Prof. Ajay Gopinathan, and grad student Igor Goncharenko), Physical Review Focus, 12 Nov 2010.

Prof. Ajay Gopinathan and Co-PI Kerwyn Huang (Stanford) win NSF grant to study Stochastic Transport in Biology: From molecules to Ecosystems, 15 Sept 2010.

Profs. Shawn Newsam, Mike Colvin and Ajay Gopinathan win NSF grant for research into disordered protein dynamics, 1 Sept 2010.

Plastic solar concentrator optimizes photovoltaic efficiency (Profs. Sayantani Ghosh and Roland Winston), The Daily Transcript (San Diego), 25 Mar 2010

UC Merced professor gets $450,000 grant (Prof. Lin Tian), Fresno Bee, 7 Mar 2010. Also see UC Merced physics prof wins prestigious national award for her work geared to quantum computers (Prof. Lin Tian), Merced Sun-Star, 26 Feb 2010

UC Merced publishes report listing inventions by its researchers, Merced Sun-Star, 13 Jan 2010 (full report) (Profs. Matthew Meyer, Jennifer Lu, Henry Forman, Jay Sharping, Sayantani Ghosh, Ajay Gopinathan, Roland Winston, and grad student Hui Zhu)

Extreme Science Forges Path for Breakthroughs (Profs. Sayantani Ghosh, Jay Sharping, and Tao Ye), UC Merced Communications, 29 Jan 2010